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ESP HeaderESP 2010 Scholarship Recipients

Public Issues Leadership Development
Stacey Warner, Kansas / Alpha Rho Chapter
Susan Plassmeier, Indiana / Alpha Lambda Chapter
Jennifer McAlister, Texas / Alpha Zeta Chapter
Frank Burris, Oregon / Gamma Chapter

McKinney Public Issues Scholarship
Ron Raney, Arkansas / Alpha Iota Chapter

Professional Development Mini-Grant


Administrator / Leader Scholarship
Jenny Wehmeier, Wisconsin / Alpha Sigma Chapter
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky / Alpha Kappa Chapter
Nancy B Stevens, Pennsylvania / Alpha Omicron

Richard R. Angus Professional Development
Jeff Myers, Pennsylvania / Alpha Omicron
Cindy Barnett, Indiana / Alpha Lambda

ESP Announces 2010 Recognition Winners

The ESP Chapters have voted and the 2010 ESP recognition recipients have been determined.
There 145 applications submitted for the various awards. There were many outstanding nominations
representing every facet of the Extension focus and mission. Epsilon Sigma Phi congratulates all of
the applicants / nominees and especially the recipients on their Extension efforts and the recognition
given by their chapters.

National Distinguished Ruby:
Dr. Dorothy McCargo Freeman, MN

Administrative Leadership
NC - Beverly Kelbaugh, OH
S - Beth Lawrence, AL
W - Janice Smiley, OR

National Friends of Extension
David Washington, CO
Judy L. Dodd, PA
Scott Angelle, LA

Visionary Leadership
NC - Karen Bruns, OH
S - Dr. Ray Mobley, FL
W - Kipp Nye, CO

Distinguished Service:
NE - Dale Johnson, MD
NC - Mary Brintnall-Peterson, WI
S - Diane D. Sasser, LA
W - Donna Liess, CO (tie)
W - Jeanne Brandt, OR (tie)

International Service
S - Ken Rudisill, Fl

Mid Career
NE- Mary Alice Gettings, PA
NC - Rhonda Ferree, IL
S - Anita McKinney, FL
W - Donna Gillespie, ID

Diversity Team Recognition
NC - Minnesota
S - Kentucky
W - Colorado

Early Career
NE - KathleenSplane, DE (tie)

NE - Robert Goodling Jr, PA (tie)
NC - Paul Roback, WI
S - Tanya Taylor, VA
W - Sam Angima, OR

Diversity Individual Recognition
NC - Connie Goble, OH
S - Cherry Hovatter, GA
W - Mark Platten, CO

Continued Service
NC - Gary Wilson, OH
S - Pam Allen, FL
W - Tammy Skubinna, OR

Team Recognition
NE - Maryland
NC - Michigan
S - Georgia
W - Idaho

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