Congratulations to Scholarship Winners

There were excellent applications for the PILD, Professional Development Mini-Grant and McKinney Public Issues Scholarships this year.  The committee has made their recommendation to the ESP National Board and the Board has approved the awarding of the following scholarships and grants for 2011.

The Professional Development Mini-Grant for $1,000 was awarded to the Alpha Upsilon Chapter in Nebraska.  There application was to provide a public issues education forum to educate University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension staff of the role of Extension in current public issues. The intended outcome of this forum will be: increased understanding of Extension's public issues programming; the ever-changing landscape of current issues; how working with community issues build support for Extension and to provide Public Issues Professional Development for ESP Members.  Cindy Strasheim will provide the leadership for the team of the six ESP members who are members of the successful team.

The McKinney Public Issues Scholarship, which is provided by Mike McKinney a life member of the Alpha Delta Chapter in Florida is being presented to Ronald Rainey -Arkansas.  Mike spent much of his career working in Public Issues programming.  Mike was also the Southern Regional Vice President a few years ago.

The Development fund is funding four $600 PILD Scholarships which are being presented to:  Stacey Warner - Kansas, North Central Region;  Susan Plassmeier - Indiana, North Central Region;  Kathryn Alsat - Virginia, Southern Region and  Frank Burris - Oregon,  Western Region.  Jennifer McAllister - Texas, Southern Region, who had been identified by the committee as alternate will receive the scholarship since one of those chosen to receive a scholarhip is unable to accept/attend PILD.


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