Donor Education and Development for Extension Professionals

“The ESP Resource Development and Management Committee will host two webinars this spring on donor education and development,” says Mark Stillwell, University of Missouri Extension Project Administrator and committee member. “The interactive webinars will increase extension professionals’ working knowledge of development principles and increase comfort and confidence levels. Participants will learn action solutions for development that can be used at the county, region or state level.”

The webinars will be led by MU Extension faculty and staff with successful development experiences.

Tuesday May 5, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CDST:  

“Development 101”  by Cynthia E. Crawford, Director of Donor Education, Catherine Comley Adams, Director for Advancement, and Mark Stillwell, Project Administrator.

·         Development 101

o   10 ideas to draw from every day

o   How to get comfortable with development

o   Why we don’t use the “F” word 

·         Why people give (and don’t give)

·         Ideas for doing development work without saying a word

Tuesday June 2, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CDST:  

“Successful Development Strategies” by Cynthia E. Crawford, Director of Donor Education, Catherine Comley Adams, Director for Advancement, Lisa Wallace, Human Development Specialist and Henry County Program Director and Mark Stillwell, Project Administrator.

·        What works in Missouri will work for you, too!

·        Don’t underestimate the importance of trust - relevant, reliable and responsive

·        How to ask

·        Dealing with “no” 

The webinars with be delivered through Adobe Connect:

Webinars will be recorded for future uses within ESP.

Please contact Mark Stillwell,, for more information and to register for the webinars.

Good development resources:

·         MU Extension’s donor education and development:

·         Asking: A 59-Minute Guide to Everything Board Members, Volunteers and Staff Must Know to Secure the Gift.  Jerold Panas, 2007.


ESP Board Begins Process for New Strategic Plan

At the Mid Year Board meeting the National Board began preparing to develope a new strategic plan for Epsilon Sigma Phi.  The current strategic plan was developed to cover the period from 2011 through 2015.  While 2016 may seem like a long way off, it will be here before you know it.

The Board worked with ESP member and planning consultant Mary Ellen Waltemire to determine the process that will be used to develop the plan that will be in place for 2016 through 2020.  Mary Ellen led the board through a very productive session that helped to identify the methods that will be used to gather the information needed to develop a new plan.  The Board is determined to give numerous opportunities for members to express their ideas of how our organization needs to move forward.  Once the informatin is gathered and put into a plan there will be opportunities to comment on the plan before it is presented for adoption by the National Council at the 2015 National ESP Conference.

Please plan to participate in the process so that we can create a plan that will challenge the leadership to meet the needs of our members.